Raising Hope for Families with Lyme

Adults with Lyme Disease


Financial Support

LymeTAP.com – Lyme Testing Access Program. Financial assistance for Lyme diagnostic testing. (US residents only.)

LymeSAVERS – Financial assistance for Canadians with Lyme disease.

Glass Ball Foundation –  serves the chronically ill and in pain who cannot afford getting healthy, regardless of medical problem or demographic.

Information About Additional Financial Assistance

Lyme Disease Support Network – Financial Assistance for Lyme Patients

Lesko.com–Information about a wide variety of free and reduced-cost health services.

Benefits.gov–State-by-state listing of benefit programs such as food stamps, energy assistance, Medicaid, etc. Filing for disability benefits when you have Lyme.

Saving Money On Testing & Medication

Needymeds.com–Financial assistance for obtaining medication. Click here for a YouTube video that explains the process. Prescriptionhope.com–a service that helps you obtain low-cost medications.

LymeAid4Kids–Financial assistance for Lyme treatment for those under age 21.

Free on-line book, Infusing for Lymies, lots of information about PICC lines and IV drugs.

Education and Awareness

Lyme Disease Organization


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