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Change Your Cover Photo
Change Your Cover Photo
My painting is a process of discovery where each move informs the next. It's a dance between linear thinking and intuitive creative expression. As a recovering perfectionist, I prefer to work in mixed media because it’s versatile, flexible and forgiving.  Each of my paintings begin with layers and layers of texture created by using varieties of paper, media, found objects and paint.  This rich foundation allows me to carve into the materials, revealing the rich history hidden beneath.   Bold colors, geometric shapes and text dance whimsically on the canvas to create value and visual interest.  “Drawing outside the lines” in my studio and in life, feeds my creative muse.
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2019 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2019 Image #1
Meet what you Find
Acrylic Mixed Media on Wood

2018 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2018 Image #1
Acrylic Mixed Media on Paper
23x29, framed floating in back wood

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