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I was born and raised in California. My interest in art began in grade school where I worked in colored pencil, charcoal and needlework. In high school, I was painting in oils and learning about ceramics. My art education intensified when I entered the prestigious art program at the University of California in Davis. I was fortunate to study with some notable California artists – Manuel Neri and Robert Arneson. After graduation, I worked as a graphic artist but it was not until I wanted to challenge myself that my focused interest in art blossomed. I began by sketching complicated images of animals. When a friend asked me to do a color painting of a camel, I taught myself to use watercolors, (I had previously worked in oil and acrylic). After that, I took graphic design, color and black white photography, and watercolor classes to further strengthen and evolve/identify my artistic style. It was happenstance that I looked at some dishes drying on the counter and saw remarkable shadows. The image so excited me that I branched out into painting watercolors of glassware, bottles and liquids. After feeling that I had merged several techniques and created a style with glass, I turned to silver reflections as my subject matter. The challenge of creating and capturing reflections on the silver and being able to see the piece of silver itself fueled my passion. The complexity and variety of reflective subjects, such as shop windows, are some of the most interesting and challenging reflective surfaces to paint and these images continue to help me expand and master my photorealistic painting style. They tell a story of object, light and observation. My work now spans many subjects. I paint landscapes, cityscapes from my European travels, flowers and cacti in my garden, still life, and Christmas images for holiday cards. I have also branched out and apply my artistic skills to stain glass, silk screen, cross stitch, and pastel, however, my first love is watercolor.
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2018 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2018 Image #1
Silver Still Life No. 17
14 x 11

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