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Change Your Cover Photo
Change Your Cover Photo
Copper, brass, aluminum, steel. With the application of different substances, a chemical activity is set in motion, changing the metal’s appearance. My “ingredients” might include: salt & water, vinegar, baking soda; products like bleach, muriatic acid or Comet cleanser; to other agents such as sawdust or commercially produced metal surfacers. For up to a week, I play cook and chemist, watching what happens. In the process, the metal acquires a patina that might include a range of colors and a seemingly infinite variety of patterns and visual textures. Instead of relying on a sketch, I establish an intuitive connection with the materials as I work with them. This process allows ideas to gradually evolve and change, as the metal is cut, bent, shaped and textured. It is an intimate process, both playful and challenging.
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2015 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2015 Image #1
Tel Avi
Collage/Metal on Paper
18" x 12"
2015 Image #2
Metal on Boxes
34" x 21" x 4"

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