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My fascination with string began several years ago while working on a series of figure paintings. I became engrossed in the accidental forms that were created, so I began to investigate its use on abstracts—challenging myself to establish an integrated composition from the purposeful disorganization of the various materials. Using fibers or deconstructed canvas much like a drawing implement, I develop primarily unmethodical forms over an acrylic ground. Fabric, wallpaper, silver leaf or found objects might also be integrated into the work, which is finished using a more classical painting technique—multiple layers of oil and glazes—allowing an image to emerge from the chaos.
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2019 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2019 Image #1
Yellow Green
Oil, acrylic and collage on canvas
24 x 18 inches

2018 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2018 Image #1
Green Aqua
Oil, acrylic and collage on canvas
40x30 inches

2017 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2017 Image #1
Fabric I
Acrylic and collage on canvas
52 x 24

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