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Change Your Cover Photo
Change Your Cover Photo
The ability to capture the constantly changing light and shadows in nature drew me to photography as an art student. The elegance of a well composed black and white photo is exciting to view. When the computer came along with ease of processing light and color, I changed my presentation. I still wasn’t satisfied with the results. When I saw three-dimensional photographs for the first time I was thrilled to see moments in time depicted in three dimensions. This added quality intrigues people so much that they want to touch the print to see if it’s really three-dimensional. Please visit my studio to appreciate my images in their original form.
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2018 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2018 Image #1
A Time and Place for Reflections
3-D Photography
8 x 15
2018 Image #2
Pink Boquet
3-D Photography
8.5 x 6.5
2018 Image #3
Pink Dogwood
3-D Photography
10 x 7

2017 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2017 Image #1
Paper Decoupage
7 x 11
2017 Image #2
Roses and Camellias
Paper Decoupage
13 x 11

2015 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2015 Image #1
Troyes Cathedral
Paper Decoupage
9.5” x 6.5”

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