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Change Your Cover Photo
Change Your Cover Photo
I steal shapes, details, and colors from nature, then rearrange them into something pushed close to the 'edge.' Playful irreverence is my brother. Curiosity and awe of nature my sister. The objects of my attention are many… the vector tracings left by the trade winds of my native Oahu, the off-kilter fanciful visions of my inner monkey, impossible maps of curious places, and the wondrous landscapes of neurobiology. My work begins with inked lines and washes on unprimed canvas. I often move a painted image to the digital domain where shapes are rearranged and hues shifted. These digital excursions yield hand-painted limited edition prints -- some on multiple layers of plexiglass.
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2018 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2018 Image #1
System of Seven Happiness
Mixed: Print + Ink + Acrylic Washes
24 x 30

2017 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2017 Image #1
Electromagnetic Cat - L
Print with Artist Marks
20 x 30

2016 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2016 Image #1
Map of Ridiculous Shapes
Mixed Media Print
22" x 30"

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