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My painting has its roots in the fanatical ethos of a small school in the South of France which made Cezanne its figurehead and had a very black and white view of art history. L'ecole Marchutz was a great place to get rooted in a concrete perspective of the fundamentals and a format of painting from real life. Twenty years later, I still paint on location, finding myself in relation to a place and seeking unity with my surroundings. Only now I've exchanged the south of France for the open-air nut house that is San Francisco.
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2019 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2019 Image #1
Above Baker Beach #92
oil on canvas
2019 Image #2
Deer Trail #4
oil on canvas
2019 Image #3
Steep Ravine #10
oil on canvas
2019 Image #4
Water Moves Beneath Us #40
oil on canvas

2018 Dart for Art Donation(s)

2018 Image #1
Cypress Trees Growing in Prehistoric Sand Dunes
oil on canvas
2018 Image #2
Soft Bend #15
oil on canvas
2018 Image #3
San Anselmo and Center Blvd.
oil on canvas

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