Additional Funding And Re-application Process

Each grant recipient is eligible to receive lifetime grant funds of $10,000 per individual or $30,000 per family. If you haven’t received this amount, you are eligible for additional funding. We typically give funding in 3 increments. You must submit the receipt form with receipts and complete the grant feedback form before being eligible for the Re-application Process to receive additional funds.

To begin the Re-application Process, you will be instructed through your online account to complete the following tasks. You may apply for additional funds at any time. Simply log back into your account if and when they are needed.

Step 1: Complete the Re-application form providing the following information.

  • Please describe your current medical need.
  • Please describe your financial situation and how this poses a hardship to getting treatment.
  • Is there any additional information you would like to share?
Step 2: You may upload supplemental material (ie; letters from family or friends) or anything you feel is relevant.

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