Raising Hope for Families with Lyme

Our mission is to provide grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raising awareness about Lyme disease.

Celebrate with Avril

Help children and young adults receive treatment for Lyme disease by donating to the LymeLight Foundation.

Chances to win prizes with each donation!

Win a private phone call with Avril! Top prize winner will enjoy a phone call with Avril!

Meet our Artists!

Explore our new LymeLight Artists Directory and meet the generous artists who donate to our annual Dart for Art event.

Attend a LymeLight Fundraising Event

Please consider supporting LymeLight Foundation by attending our fundraising events. Funds raised from the events go directly to providing treatment grants and will bring hope and healing to children suffering with Lyme disease. Since our inception in 2011, LymeLight has awarded grants totaling $2,954,500 to 494 individuals in 43 states.

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