LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, MayaMaya – An Abundance of Hope

When Maya was nearly six years old, she was bitten by a tick. Not long after this known tick bite, symptoms started including gastro issues, racing heart, cognitive issues, brain fog and severe knee pain. We took her to doctor after doctor with no answers and her symptom list grew longer and more intense as the time went on. Pressure headaches, sweating, nerve pain, twitching, bladder issues, locking joints, severe fatigue and so on.

In 2016, we saw a new doctor who tested for Lyme and the results came back positive for Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia and Erlichia. Immediately, oral antibiotics were started and treatment began. Within a short period of time, it became apparent that we were going to have to have to implement other treatment options (which we could not afford) to expand Maya’s medical care. We then heard about the LymeLight Foundation and applied.

Maya was missing more school than she was attending and things were at quite a low point. When we found out that Maya had been accepted as a grant recipient, we were so grateful. Grant funds allowed us to bring additional medical providers on board, additional healing modalities, detox therapies and herbal treatment plans to augment her care. This consistent level of medical care has been crucial. Progress has been slow at times, as in two steps forward and one step back, but the difference after receiving the LymeLight grant is like night and day.

Maya is currently back in school full time and able to maintain an A average. She attends her friends’ birthday parties and engages in other social activities. Her improvement in physical stamina is significant. Previously, she was only able to manage 25 yards of walking a day. Maya is now is able to cover over 500 yards daily to attend all her middle school classes! She does still have occasional flare-ups but the improvements have been fantastic.

We appreciate LymeLight Foundation and the donors tremendously. This grant has made such an incredible difference in Maya’s progress. The improvements we have seen give us an abundance of hope for Maya’s bright future. Thank you so much LymeLight for all you do!

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