LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, DanielleDanielle – Climbing From the Bottom

I began feeling ill in 2011. I saw my general practitioner complaining of extreme headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and muscle soreness. She ran a Western Blot test and when she called with the results she said, “Something came back on your Lyme disease blood-work, and I recommend you see an Infectious Disease Specialist.” I followed up with a specialist and he came to the conclusion that he was unable to give me antibiotics because the test read a false- positive. I saw a lot of different specialists while my symptoms worsened and new ones appeared. At this point I was a junior in high school, and became homeschooled for my last two years.

Cardiologists, Neurologists, Psychologists, all said I was going through a phase, was depressed and that it would get better if I continue therapy. I sought out different LLMD’s knowing intuitively that what I was dealing with was in fact Lyme disease. I went through a few different LLMDs until I found the right one in the summer of 2013. I was clinically diagnosed with Babesia and was started on a rough treatment protocol. After being on treatment for only a few months, my symptoms of fatigue, muscle pain, being unable to concentrate or read through a book, finally were subsiding. I started reading again, and going for short jogs. I was elated that I was starting to feel 95% better and even got a part-time job.

My family was not in a good place financially and was struggling with being homeless. During this time I was not on treatment and unfortunately I slipped back down and my symptoms arose again. I started the quest for finding treatment again.

That was where the LymeLight Foundation came in! As a last resort, I applied for a grant. I never thought I would be so fortunate to be awarded a grant. When I received the e-mail, it brought me to tears as I ran to tell my loved ones. With the help of LymeLight, I was able to afford seeing the doctor who saved my life and put me on the best treatment protocol specifically for my body.  I was diagnosed with Mycoplasma, Babesia, Bartonella, and mold issues along side the Lyme. After months of colloidal silver treatments, and other supportive therapy, I reached remission!  A day I never thought would come.


Fast-forward almost two years later to 2017, I have stayed in remission and am living a life I love. I work at an animal hospital, and am focusing in on my career. I am also expecting a healthy baby in March of 2018! I am so grateful and honored to have been a grant recipient of this foundation, and to be able to share my story with anyone needing to hear it.

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