LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, HannahHannah – Finally Healing

For six years, I was sick to the point of being disabled and bedridden for three of those years. As a young woman, I found it increasingly difficult to get answers. I went through eight doctors in one year. They told me it was probably in my head because tests kept coming back negative and not to come back unless it was an emergency. I couldn’t understand why doctors didn’t feel concerned about what could cause a once healthy young adult to now be bedridden.

Feeling the urgency that can only come from such dire circumstances, I continued to do my own research. I always had Lyme disease on my list of possibilities and once the doctors relinquished responsibility, I sought the test out for myself. When the test came back positive, I wanted to get confirmation and treatment immediately.

I reached out to a local Lyme disease support group and they referred me to a wonderful Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). He confirmed the diagnosis, sympathized with my all-too-common-experience and began a thorough and grueling treatment protocol. The cost of treating Lyme disease quickly caught up with me and if wasn’t for the help I received from LymeLight Foundation, there is no possible way I could have paid for any of it.

My LLMD helped refer me to other specialists who are now helping me combat new challenges I have faced after so many years of untreated Lyme disease. I am finally starting to feel like I am recovering and healing. It makes me sad when I think of all the people who resort to suicide because of this misunderstood disease. Having people come together and provide support, as they do at LymeLight Foundation, provides hope for those who need it.

Since I became bedridden, I started painting to keep my mind occupied. I taught myself from watching videos online. I have begun selling my paintings to help pay for medical bills. They are selling and that has given my hope as well. I am optimistic about my future.

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