LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, Evie

Evie – On the Way to Recovery

It took 6 years to be diagnosed with Lyme disease. We had no idea what was wrong or why I felt so awful all the time. It was a relief to finally find out what it was, but scary to know that it would take a long time to get better. My grades, sporting ability and my general well-being had been greatly affected by this disease. Just getting through the day could be tough. A plane ride resulted in an onboard seizure. Exercise would end with my body shaking uncontrollably. I couldn’t focus on a page just to read it let alone study.

At first, the Lyme treatment protocol made me feel sick, then I would go through times of feeling a little better before suffering ‘die off’ and crawling back into my bed. But slowly and surely, I started to get better. The headaches would become less severe, the aching muscles less painful, my anxiety lessened. I got into honors classes at high school, began to run track and play flag football.

Though I am not completely healed, I am well on the way to a complete recovery, and I can see a light and a life at the end of the tunnel!

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