RachelRachel – Heartfelt Thanks

I very sincerely want to thank you for coming to my aid and giving me and my family the grant that truly saved my life by allowing me to continue treatment at a time when my family had hit rock bottom and were totally unable to support my needs any longer.

In the last few years (since I received the grant) I have improved immeasurably and, though it has been a long, hard and sometimes lonely road, I am grateful to all my supporters including those generous souls I’ve not even met.

One of the most extraordinary things that happened since being diagnosed with Lyme after I graduated college despite “having it” since eighth grade was meeting amazingly generous people who were willing to help. Friends of friends of friends of my mother’s contributed to “tag sale fundraisers” and communities of strangers were kind enough to become involved and become aware of a problem that was slowly being recognized in communities throughout the Hudson River Valley where I live.

In recent years Lyme is no longer contested the way it was when I was first diagnosed and told “it was all in my head.” I’m so very happy that today more people are aware of tick-borne illnesses and don’t “blow off” those who suffer with them. I’m not yet ready to resume my acting career – but I’m getting closer to having the stamina for preforming. Meanwhile I’m continuing to work in the health industry and am working to establish a website business that will donate proceeds to Lyme.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for responding to my critical need at a time when there were no options open to us to get help otherwise. My family and I thank you for your generous grant and applaud how your foundation reaches out to help others who so badly need helping hands.

Someday, I hope that I too can continue to share what I’ve learned and help others who continue to struggle with Lyme and the repercussions it caused in all aspects of their lives.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to you at LymeLight Foundation for helping me continue to get well – and not to give up the fight or the will to do so.

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