Nakita WilliamsNakita – Her Story

Throughout my childhood, I was sent from doctor to doctor with constant health issues. The best diagnosis I could get was Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS). Finally, when I was 16, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Little did I know, that was the beginning of a long, difficult battle.

My parents and younger brother had been struggling with health issues as well, and as it turned out, we all tested positive for Lyme. A family member had referred me to a Lyme-literate doctor. He was the only doctor that I felt truly listened to me. He found a diagnosis for all of the things that I had been struggling with. Immediately, I started on oral antibiotics, along with other medications, to try and get a handle on the various symptoms I was experiencing. Unfortunately, my health issues became so serious that I had to be homeschooled for my senior year of high school. However, I ended up making enough progress in my health to attend cosmetology school and start working in a few salons. Although I still struggled during that time, I was determined to live my life. Despite my perseverance, my health deteriorated, I developed a serious food allergy, and my life started on a downward spiral.

I told my LLMD that I could feel myself deteriorating drastically and that I wanted to try different medications since my current regiment wasn’t working. I then started IM shots of Rocephin for a few weeks until I was approved to receive my PICC line. Once I got my PICC line, I began daily infusions for 6 months. During the first months of these IV medications, I was bedridden. I ended up requiring a walker when I left my house and a cane in my own home.

Because of this, my doctor advised that I leave my job at the hair salon, leaving me without an income and unable to cover a never-ending influx of medical bills.

Frustrated and exhausted, I reached out to my doctor to discuss alternative medicine. He suggested that I see an Integrative Lyme specialist in Delaware. Fortunately, the grant I received from the LymeLight Foundation, has allowed me to travel the 6 hours away from my hometown and receive treatment.

I am currently undergoing Ozone Therapy, UVBI, Silver, Meyers Cocktails, and Ozone Sauna treatments. The Ozone therapy is supposed to oxygenate my cells, which kills the Lyme bacteria, and helps my body function and fight as it’s supposed to. As I write this, I have 7 out of 36 treatments left. I have recently been making progress, especially at physical therapy. I have been up and walking and ditching my cane around the house and places where I feel comfortable, I am pushing my limits. I’m building some muscle, and regaining strength in my entire body.

As exciting as some of these improvements are, I’m also having setbacks. It’s extremely hard to explain to people who don’t know what it is like to struggle, or have and auto immune disorder. But it’s one day at time, and if you look hard enough there’s always a silver lining. I am extremely grateful for the LymeLight funds that have helped tremendously in allowing my body some relief. I really hope that this treatment does the trick so I can get back to somewhat of a normal life. Even though health issues are awful and hard to deal with, there are things you can focus on to help you through. I’ve recently started doing focus breathing, physio ball exercises, and tons of meditation.

I hope that throughout all of this I can help someone somewhere to get tested for Lyme, or just be some sort of inspiration. I will never stop searching for the treatment that works for me. I will never stop advocating for those who go undiagnosed and ignored by doctors who are too proud and impatient to help us solve this mystery. I will never stop searching for a cure for Lyme disease.

Again, thank you LymeLight Foundation. Without you all, and the people who have donated to you, I wouldn’t be where I am. Thank you!

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