LymeLight Foundation grant recipientCody – Never Give Up

I was truly stunned when I opened your email and saw I was a recipient of Grant Funds. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never felt so excited, as that moment reading your email. I called my Mom immediately. She couldn’t believe it either. We realize there are so many young people with Lyme across the country in need of financial help.

After years of trying antibiotics to get well at no avail. My Mom heard from a few local people of a place in Kansas, that treats Chronic Lyme. They couldn’t say enough how wonderful this place was and how they felt like new people.

In August my mom and I made a trip to the healing center in Kansas.

I left Kansas and headed back home, with a feeling of hope again. That I found the answer to my prayers. My Mom and I live alone, she has Lyme too. This was a huge financial burden for her to take me there. Your Grant Donation helped to pay for my treatment.

In the months to follow, my body has been pain free. I used to suffer extreme leg pain and numbness that wouldn’t go away. I have so much more energy. This has been a turning point for me. I can now focus on my future,school, and a job.

I cannot thank everyone enough who donated their time to Fund Raise and make this possible for so many families like myself to afford treatments we need, to overcome this debilitating illness.

I wish everyone on a path to a cure to get well soon. Never give up or lose Faith.

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