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Penelope has been sick her whole life. I knew my daughter was ill 3 days after I brought her home from the hospital. I took her to many doctors and specialists over the course of three years and received a diagnosis of allergies. She had lost a lot of weight, had thyroid and adrenal issues, digestive issues, arthritis, headaches, hallucinations, sleep issues, sinus issues. None of the doctors recognized Lyme.

It was not until I received my own diagnosis of Lyme and coinfections did I realize my daughter was suffering from the same disease. Penelope was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease as was her older brother. Our lack of finances severely hindered Penelope’s treatment and we were unable to afford long term consistent treatment. We had to stop seeing her doctor because we could not pay him. Having Lyme as an adult is one thing, however, for a child to deal with Lyme feels wrong on so many levels. For a child not to be able to receive treatment and get better because of not having money feels like murder. I am a single mother with no financial support. I receive disability which is less than my monthly rent & electric bills.

Because Penelope had never received consistent treatment she was struggling greatly on every level. The grant has been a fantastic start towards her recovery. The herbal supplements, tinctures, foods, and doctors would have NEVER been possible without the help of this funding.

Penelope has suffered greatly physically, mentally, and emotionally from the impact of being born with infections. I feel the past 3 months have truly been a blessing and have showered light on a precious little girl who has anxiety, depression, anger, fear, pain, headaches, tremors, digestive issues, confusion, memory loss, and an overall disconnect from being a normal child. She has many problems still but I have witnessed her playing alone for the first time, laughing appropriately, able to be around others, less fatigue, interest in her surroundings, gaining appropriate weight, less anxiety, no nightmares, increase in physical strength and SOOO much more.

I believe she can be Well and her symptoms have GREATLY improved since the grant and a continuous treatment of supplements, herbals, detox, good food, reike, breathing techniques, self awareness and much more. I am also very sick and have not been treated. Helping Penelope has not been an easy task, yet I am confident in believing that by addressing the criteria of Lyme, bartonella, babesia she can become a normal child.

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