Evan – A Second Chance at Life

I’ve always been someone who took life by the horns. If I wanted something, I would figure out a way to get it. I had big dreams and passions. I was excited to grow up and become successful, one of those people that everyone knows.

Queue Lyme disease…

In 8th grade, I began developing various symptoms. Despite being a straight-A student my whole life, I had difficulty keeping up my grades and anger outbursts that were not like me at all. I struggled with exhaustion, blood pressure issues, muscle pain, and more. Suddenly, these symptoms put a halt to everything I wanted to accomplish in life. I wasn’t sure how this journey would end, what it would look like, or if I’d even come out on the other side alright. At the time, I didn’t know the financial battles or societal stigmas that surround Lyme disease. I do now.

After several family members including myself began showing symptoms, my family found a genius LLMD doctor that knew how to treat me and my family. She took us under her wing, and has stuck with us for years, faithfully treating us to the fullest degree she can. Due to the nature of Lyme disease, it is very expensive, making it hard for anyone to afford treatment. LymeLight Foundation helped us afford treatment.

A LymeLight Foundation grant has given me a second chance at a life I truly wondered if I would ever have. I expected Lyme disease to be an ongoing battle that stole my life and my potential. Because of the LymeLight Foundation grant, my parents had financial support in providing for my medical needs. I am now almost entirely symptom-free and working hard with my doctor to resolve the few, final symptoms that still linger. I am expecting to be completely symptom-free very soon.

Currently, I am a full-time student at Kennesaw State University, work part-time at a State Farm Agency, workout in the gym 4-5x a week, and am involved in leadership positions at my church. When I remember high school, I could barely keep up with my schoolwork let alone friends and other responsibilities. I do so much more in life right now than I ever dreamed or hoped I would be able to when Lyme disease began affecting me. Without the LymeLight Foundation, none of this would have been possible.

LymeLight, you changed my life! Thank you!

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