LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, KaileyKailey – A Life Saved!

Kailey was 15 years old when her illness began. She went to the hospital in September of 2011 not knowing at that time that she would never return to high school. She spent two years chasing symptoms and seeing many doctors. Finally a physical therapist suggested Lyme testing. To our surprise her test came back positive for Lyme and 5 Co-infections.

We began our journey with our wonderful Lyme doctor in April 2013. At that time my daughter was severely ill, not leaving our house or even her bedroom. She was very inflamed and we were told her “brain was on fire”.  Treatments began to reduce infections, heal gut issues, and detoxify the body. Initially symptoms worsened with IV antibiotics and herbals. It was a long road of suffering. Kailey was very brave and compliant with the treatment plan. She made it her job to get well. She tried continuing with homebound instruction but by her junior year it was apparent that withdrawing from high school was the best decision… health before education. Following IV antibiotics, Kailey received 18 months of IVIG treatments to decrease the autoimmune attack on her brain. She started to show progress as she continued treatments to address the immune system and lower the inflammation.

Kailey’s LymeLight grant was a huge blessing allowing us to seek local providers, since our Lyme doctor was out of state. We were able to use the grant funds to explore treatments assisting in healing, including ozone therapy, infrared sauna, craniosacral therapy, EMDR, homeopathy, etc. In the last year, Kailey has made the biggest gains hitting milestones such as receiving her GED, obtaining her driver’s license, beginning community college part- time, and working a small part time job for 6 months. Lastly, she is enrolled to start Esthetician school, which is a dream come true.

Kailey found her love for the beauty industry when she was homebound all those years. She would watch YouTube videos and tutorials for hours.  Now she can follow her passion and get her life back. We are so grateful for the LymeLight Foundation. Grant funds have allowed us to heal our daughter and we will be forever grateful!  A life has been saved!

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