Congenital Lyme Resources



A Canadian Lyme advocacy organization, LymeHope has taken a particular interest in the issue of mother-to-fetus Lyme transmission, supporting Lyme research and educational tools.

Children's Lyme Disease Network

An all-volunteer organization formed out of concern over the growing number of children becoming infected with Lyme disease and challenges families face getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Jones’ Kids

A resource guide created by the Dr. Charles Ray Jones. (Sadly, Dr. Jones passed on in May 2022, but his resources live on in his legacy.)


NIH to intensify research on links between Lyme disease during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes.

Congress Commends NIH Collaboration with Advocacy Groups to Advance Research on Maternal-Fetal Transmission of Lyme Disease

A summary of key treatment recommendations during pregnancy

New guidance for the treatment of Lyme and other TBD in pregnancy

Dr. Ann Corson recommends treatment throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Healthy Mom Best Prescription for Healthy Baby

An article by blogger Christina Kovacs, Lady of Lyme

Pregnancy & Lyme Disease: All the Info about Gestational Lyme Disease

An article by Dr. Charles Ray Jones

Study of 102 Live Births


An Introduction to Families Facing Congenital Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease & Pregnancy:
State of the Science & Opportunities for Research

5th Annual LymeMIND Virtual Conference 2020
Mothers and Children Panel

4th Annual “Lyme Disease in the Era of Precision Medicine”:
Care Models for Mothers and Children

Podcasts Episode #46 Pregnancy in Lyme with Dr. Ann Corson

Living with Lyme

Living with Lyme: Lyme Disease and Pregnancy
with Sue Faber, RN

Inside Lyme

Inside Lyme: Babies Contracted Babesia
During Pregnancy

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