LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient Scarlett

Scarlett – Healing faster than we imagined

My daughter, Scarlett, has congenital Lyme disease along with some other troublesome co-infections that I unknowingly gave her. The guilt I feel as mother for giving her this hardship is greater than I can describe. I cannot rest until I have corrected this horrendous illness.

At seven years old, Scarlett was severely affected by neurological Lyme symptoms. She was mostly nonverbal, unable to process or understand language and unable to verbalize language. She had trouble focusing, relaxing, forming friendships and understanding the everyday world. She had stomach dysbiosis causing allergies, bloating, pain, and many other issues.

A LymeLight grant has given us hope for her future and a fighting chance at life. I am so grateful for the help given to my daughter from the LymeLight Foundation and for its incredibly generous donors. The grant money allowed her to do multiple treatments that would have taken us years to save up enough money to do. It propelled her healing journey farther than I could have imagined.

Since starting these treatments over a year ago, Scarlett has progressed further and faster than we had hoped. My daughter has started to talk more, understands directions and questions better, and is more focused. She started calling us Mommy and Daddy, something we thought we might never hear. She was able to manage her anxiety better and pay attention. Scarlett is able to sit through a whole movie at a theater, something I’ve always imagined doing with my daughter. She has gained more focus and has started working with a wonderful reading tutor. She is learning and understanding the basic concepts of reading and phonics. She has also learned how to ride a scooter and bike with her Dad.

With grant funds, Scarlett was able to see a GI specialist that has helped her with many of her stomach issues so that she can move forward with further treatment protocols. Her healing was fast-tracked and now we have a plan on what to move forward with for even further healing. I can’t thank LymeLight enough! At a time with so much uncertainty and turmoil going on in the world, good people have come together and shown true kindness.

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