LymeLight Foundation grant recipientsKailey and Alissa – Sweet Hearts

LymeLight gave us an opportunity to go on with treatment and pay some medical bills. It helped us out and allowed us to sleep at night. So thank you for that we deeply appreciate all you have done for us. It is a nightmare for families like mine to have the anxiety and fear every day on how we will afford to keep treatment going. We recently had to borrow money from our wonderful family for treatment. It is such a struggle every month, but I need to keep positive for my girls they deserve that and more.

We had to stop antibiotics as it was making them more sick, We switched to homeopathic, the treatment is not covered. We can’t afford to keep it going. I feel alone and trapped, I want them to be children again. They have been suffering for years now and need a break. Every day is a struggle to get up and get ready without someone crying. When they are out of school for a week the school is breathing down my throat. No one understands how awful this disease is, and how your life changes. They both have no energy to attend dance, which is there ultimate happy time. My girls were always smiling and are grateful for everything, it breaks my heart to see them suffer.

They are so sweet at heart and think of others worse off than them, They picked up a hobby by sewing up cute pillows for the children in the hospital. It brings tears to my eyes when they work on them. It keeps them occupied and makes them happy. I pray every day for all the children that have to live there lives ill.

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