Daniel AlegriaDaniel – A Misunderstood Illness

Chronic Lyme disease is an absolute hell to deal with – not only physically but emotionally and financially. That is why I am so glad that the LymeLight Foundation exists and that they were able to be a part of my Lyme journey. They lifted a heavy burden from my family by supporting us with grant money, lessening the load of an already very stressful situation. Most families who end up chronically ill with Lyme do not have the means to pay for the exorbitant medical bills. These include doctor visits, labs, supplements and treatments that go along with this misunderstood illness; an illness that is not covered or recognized by insurance.

Without LymeLight Foundation’s help I can’t imagine how my family would have paid for the necessary medical therapies and treatments that were crucial in dealing with the illness. I believe so much in the work that they do, and I hope that many more families will continue to be blessed by this incredible foundation.

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