Ashley – Bunnies = Best Therapy

I first became sick on my 16th Birthday. My doctor diagnosed me with mono at the time… but little did I know that was only the beginning of a very hard, lonely, and miserable 7 year plus health nightmare. After two years of countless surgeries, scopes, and tests…I finally was properly diagnosed with Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease. I had fought for my life for two years, but had no idea how long and tiring treatment would be for the rest of my life. I was very glad to have a diagnosis, but not late stage lyme disease that there’s no cure for. Long term treatment was my only option.

I began my treatment in the summer of 2011 with one of the top lyme doctors in the country. It took me almost three years on aggressive treatment to even begin to get my life back. I suffered in so much pain daily, thinking my life would never get better or even close to normal again. Having my worst symptoms be daily issues with my stomach and ovaries really kept it limited to what I could do. Since I was home 95% of every day, I turned my passion for my pet bunnies into a hobby that I love and still enjoy to this day! My whole life I have always been ambitious and need to be doing something, so raising baby bunnies gave me a purpose,…a reason to get up out of bed every morning, no matter how bad my pain was because something was counting on me. I was needed. They honestly have been my best therapy through my whole lyme journey.

After a year or so on lyme treatment, my medical bills were piling up fast. Especially since insurances won’t pay for late stage lyme treatement, we were on our own. My entire family has helped me out so much emotionally and financially, and always says “you can’t put a price on your health”. Treatment costs were beginning to become a burden since I wasn’t good enough yet to start working again. So that’s when I applied for a grant with Lyme Light. I needed to continue treatment, so I reached out for help. I was beyond thrilled when I received my grant, and still to this day feel very blessed thanks to this amazing foundation. I am so appreciative and will never be able to thank them enough! They have been so wonderful and have helped so many sick and struggling lyme patients like myself.

Now, I am almost 24 and have been on treatment almost 6 years. I have seen major improvements in my health. The last 2 years have been my closest to remission. I am able to function daily and get out of the house. I still have my bad days occasionally, where I have no energy and could stay in bed all day and sleep, but I think we all have those days! But thanks to Lyme Light for being a huge help and major blessing in my recovery, I can now say with full confidence that I will get 100% better. I will fight and accomplish every dream and goal I have set for myself. It’s full speed ahead now!

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