LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, DaniDani – A Life Changed

In February 2016, I was rear-ended and it activated Lyme disease to go crazy. Yet, I didn’t know I had Lyme disease. My diagnosis came after seeing over 40 doctors. That August, I tested positive for Lyme disease and co-infections.

Before the car accident, I was working as a waitress and going to college. At the time, I was in a Microbiology class. When we learned about Lyme disease, I immediately said to myself, “That sounds a lot like my life.”

I’ve always had something or another going on with my body since the young age of three. I asked to be tested by Igenex. What do you know, I was right in following my gut: the results came back positive for Lyme disease.

The last 20 years of illness prepared me for overcoming Lyme disease and attaining a functional life again. My family wanted me to get better after all these years of being sick but financially, it was definitely a hardship for all of us.

This grant has changed my life. It has really supported me and paid for treatments I couldn’t afford. For that, I’m grateful. I’m not sure what I would have done without this grant.

Now, I’m a few months away from remission. Thank you LymeLight Foundation for all that you do!

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