Logan LymeLight Foundation Story of Hope

Logan – Confidence and Hope

Logan is in slow recovery mode using multiple natural medicines. Thanks to the LymeLight Foundation grant, Logan continues to get better against all odds. He has genetic detoxification defects along with Lyme disease. He has debilitating fatigue, pain, and cognitive issues. Previous doctors told us that since he was born with Lyme and it was not found until he was eight years old, it would be impossible for him to recover. Doctors told us to expect lifelong disability and that prognosis was never accepted by his family. We didn’t know how we were going to do it but we were going to get him well.

After spending the family’s savings, Logan got hope and help from LymeLight. Now we have been able to continue getting him the right treatments to get him well.

He has a long way to go but he is doing a lot better now. He has a life that he had never seen before. He can complete his homeschool work on most days and in a timely manner now. This is huge for him! Also, he is able to do many outdoor activities which he loves so much. We see his confidence growing daily and has hope in his heart.

Thank you from the entire Farmer Family. We love you and appreciate all the hard work that is put into getting these kids well. You and your supporters really are amazing. We are praying for all of you.

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