Alyssa SchusterAlyssa – One Day at a Time

From birth, Alyssa has always been our beautifully unique child. She was born with extreme sensory disorder, and as the years past, we noticed she was showing signs of autism. We took her to many doctors and by age 5 she was diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), predominant emotional disturbance, OCD, ADHD inattentive type, however, she did not receive an autism diagnosis because she “looks people in the eye”.  Due to her emotional outbursts and anxiety, Alyssa required small based learning environments for school as she was not able to tolerate the noise of a large classroom.

We knew that all her issues had to add up to something. In the spring of 2015, her mother was officially diagnosed with Lyme disease which led to both Alyssa and her brother being tested. Alyssa and her brother both tested positive and are being treated by the same Lyme doctor as I their mother. Alyssa officially started her Lyme treatment in Oct. 2015 and her brother shortly thereafter. We are still struggling, but finding good results.

The LymeLight Foundation and the grant support has been an amazing gift for us. With three family members being treated for Lyme and insurance companies not paying for much, we are spending $400 per week for all to be treated. We are highly optimistic, yet we take one day at a time, especially with Alyssa. We are eternally grateful for the grant funds.

On her good days, Alyssa is the most compassionate, caring young lady you would ever want to meet. We look forward to the future and what her treatment will unfold, and thank God every day we have been blessed with such a beautiful young lady.

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