Bronson & Oliver – Decreasing Stress Helped our Recovery

When Bronson was only 14 months old, we found a tick embedded behind his ear. Unfortunately, it
would be years before anyone realized the 21 days of amoxicillin was not enough to eradicate tickborne
illness from his body. The following months and years were filled with increasing challenges: refusal to
eat, headaches, difficulties adjusting, particularities about clothing, night terrors, ankle pain, and mood
dysregulation. Thinking Bronson had been treated adequately after the tick bite, we had no idea that
these symptoms could be related.

Oliver was born only seven months after Bronson’s tick bite, and he spent his earliest years struggling
with sleep, chronic rashes, and chronic stomach pain. The earliest years of Bronson’s and Oliver’s life
were filled with immense grace and joy, but the overwhelming climate of our family was survival,
discouragement, and dysregulation.

After years of doctor’s visits, misdiagnoses, and medical gaslighting, I, the boys’ mother, was diagnosed
with Lyme disease. But instead of relief, this became the impetus to prove that Lyme disease really was
what was ailing all three of us.

By this time, Bronson had been living with undiagnosed and untreated tickborne illness for seven years
and for Oliver, likely all of his life. I now believe Oliver was likely born with Lyme disease which can be
transmitted congenitally. Oliver, Bronson, and I went through homeopathic treatment for several tick-
borne infections and many viruses. The medical expenses were quickly all-consuming, but the brief
glimpses of freedom and well-being kept us pursuing treatment and healing.

Bronson and Oliver have been treating Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia with antibiotics and herbal
tinctures for three years with a LLND (Lyme-literate Naturopathic Doctor). Along the way, they received
a LymeLight grant. Tangibly, the financial relief allowed them to receive more thorough testing and
treatment at a quicker rate. Intangibly, the grant was redemptive recognition for all the years of struggle
and dismissal.

The doctor was able to prescribe more natural supplements to relieve the brain fog, headaches,
migrating pain, cognitive difficulties, and sleep disruption. Stress levels in our home decreased. Bronson
and Oliver are active, outdoorsy kids. They still take many herbs and supplements and still have some
rough days, but overall, the hardships are rare setbacks, not what they were previously. Thanks to a
grant from LymeLight, both boys are 75% better since starting treatment.

Our family is so grateful to the LymeLight Foundation for the way they serve the Lyme community and
for the hope and healing they bring to so many kids who suffer.

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