LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, ZoeZoe – Engineering Hope

Before Lyme disease, I was a varsity collegiate field hockey player. I was easily able to run half marathons and exercise every day. I spent a semester studying abroad in Costa Rica. After my trip, I began experiencing a plethora of Lyme symptoms. I was unable to run let alone walk for more than five minutes. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Lyme and Bartonella.

My symptoms were neurologically-based which made finishing my last year of engineering school quite difficult. Thanks to the support of the LymeLight Foundation, I was able to seek treatment with an osteopath and start to heal. I was treated with antibiotics and herbal treatments for about 18 months.

Even at two years into this journey, I am not 100% back to “normal”, but I am well on my way. LymeLight foundation helped me to get treatment while in school. I was able to get necessary testing done, including different blood tests, MRI, CT, and cardiac tests. Thanks to the LymeLight, I received frequent osteopath manipulations, and now just require herbal treatments.

I am so grateful to LymeLight. Without your support, I would probably not have been able to graduate college and begin my career as an engineer. I’m on the road to recovery, and even pursuing a graduate degree, which is something I could not have easily envisioned two years ago. Thank you! 

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