Dart for Art 2024

2024 Dart for Art
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Mark Your Calendars For March 16, 2024!

Dart for Art is not your typical auction or cocktail party! It is a lively and unique event in a gallery setting where guests leave with an original piece of art. Guests stroll through the gallery previewing the works they will be “darting” (running) for later in the evening. Dart for Art is an evening filled with fun, energy, and excitement! The past six years have Sold Out!

Lymelight Catalog 2024 Raffle Auction

AMAZING Live Auction & Raffle Items!

  • Paint, or Dine with artist Nicholas Coley donated by Nicholas and Tracey Coley
    (Value: $4,500)
  • Spring Composition, 2022 painting donated by Andra Norris Gallery and Gary Bukovnik
    (Value $12,000)
  • In the Beginning, 2022 painting donated by Studio Shop Gallery and Katy Kuhn
    (Value $12,500)
  • Private Plane Excursion donated by Scott and Phyllis Bedford
    (Value: Priceless)
  • RAFFLE: 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings donated by Kerns Fine Jewelry
    (Value: $5,000)
DFA 2024 Masthead

There are three ways to attend Dart for Art…


All Patron levels receive reserved seating, plus are invited to an exclusive Art Talk Cocktail Party.
All Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Picasso donors are invited to be on the Host Committee.

Rembrandt $25,000 … 10 Guests + 5 Exclusive First Group Darts prior to rounds+ Private Table (Only 2 Available) SOLD OUT
Michelangelo $12,000 … 8 Guests + 4 First Round Darts + Private Table (Only 6 Available) SOLD OUT
Picasso $6,000 … 6 Guests + 3 Second Round Darts + Private Table SOLD OUT
Dali $3,000 … 4 Guests + 2 Third Round Darts + Private Table SOLD OUT
Chagall $1,500 … 4 Guests + 2 Darts + Premier Table SOLD OUT
Monet $700 … 2 Guests + 1 Dart + Premier Table SOLD OUT


Art Lovers Table $3,500 (whole table) … 10 Guests + 5 Darts + Private Table SOLD OUT
Art Lovers Couples Ticket $650 (couples join a table) … 2 Guests + 1 Dart + Premium Table SOLD OUT
Art Lovers Singles Ticket $350 (singles join a table) … 1 Guest + 1 Dart + Premium Table SOLD OUT
Couples Ticket $550 … 2 Guests + 1 Dart + Shared Table SOLD OUT
Singles Ticket $325 … 1 Guest + 1 Dart + Shared Table SOLD OUT
Unable to Attend … I would like to make a donation


All Corporate Sponsors receive preferential seating, are invited to an exclusive Art Talk Cocktail Party,
and are recognized in all Dart for Art promotions.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities SOLD OUT

Artists and Collectors! Interested in donating a piece(s) of ART?

How To Dart for Art

2024 Host Committee $25,000 to $6,000

Rembrandt $25,000

Phyllis and Scott Bedford
Laura Gottsman and Jon Kessler

Michelangelo $12,000

Patricia and Steve Barulich
Jamie Greene
Mary Olson and Roy Rogers

Picasso $6,000

Bellamy Family
Lynette and Sean Caplice
Lisa Elliott
Joanne and Jon Goldstein
Maryellie and Rupert Johnson
Carole Middleton
Kathleen O’Rourke and Jack Sheridan
Kenzie Vath | Holistic Umbrella

2024 Michelangelo Sponsors $12,000

2024 Picasso Sponsors $6,000

2024 Dali Sponsors $3,000

2024 Chagall Sponsors $1,500

2024 Sponsoring Galleries

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