Eden – Hard work pays off

When I was very young, I was a completely normal kid. I had stamina for running, wasn’t experiencing psychological issues and had lots of friends. But slowly, weird things started happening to me. Frequently, I started having horrible migrating pains (especially at night), joint pain, really bad headaches, and calf pain that was horrible. Often I cried in bed at night because of the pain. All of a sudden, I had no stamina and was very emotionally unstable which was not normal for me.

My mom got very sick before I did. It took her years to get the right diagnosis of Lyme disease. The one good thing about that was that when I started with symptoms, we already knew what it was and already had a really amazing LLMD to work with. But, because both my parents and two of my siblings were in treatment for Lyme disease, there just wasn’t enough money for all of us to get the care we needed. My parents had to treat two of my other siblings first because their symptoms were worse than mine. It was a horrible situation and very hard for all of us. Because my pain was so bad, our doctor would give my mom tips and directions to help me even before I was formally her patient. They gave me lots of herbs and natural things, hoping it would help. It helped some, but I continued to suffer. It just wasn’t enough.

As I kept getting more sick and less functional, my parents felt like they couldn’t wait any longer and I started seeing my family’s LLMD even though they didn’t see a way to afford it. Our doctor immediately put me on stronger medication. I am so grateful for LymeLight because if I had not gotten the grant, I don’t think my mom and dad could have kept paying for my treatments. There are now six of us in our family diagnosed with Lyme, all in treatment, and that would have been impossible to pay for on our own.

Lyme treatment can be a very long process with lots of ups and downs, but I am grateful for the care I’ve gotten. It’s important for people to understand that sometimes Lyme treatment can be very hard to go through. It was for me. It took a while and lots of hard work. Many times, it felt like I was getting worse and that was scary.

Today, I am soooo much better. I have stamina again and can be active. I don’t have headaches or migrating pain anymore. I am not completely done with treatment, but I’m close to the end and am pain free most of the time.

I want everyone to know that Lyme disease is horrible, but if you keep doing what your doctor tells you and don’t give up, you can heal from Lyme disease. There is hope! Thank you so much LymeLight for giving me the chance to heal. You have forever changed my life. It means the world to me!

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