LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, Dorow, Luke And LexiLuke and Lexi – Family’s Decade-Long Journey

Our family had been balancing the physical, emotional, financial and political battle of Lyme disease for over ten years before we found LymeLight. One little tick bite really can drastically change your life forever, in terms of physical, emotional, financial setbacks. You never go back to the way you were before. We are a family that was pretty solid, with two ambitious careers. After my diagnosis, we faced bankruptcy and almost lost our house.

Our kids were infected in utero, and several different diagnoses followed because having Lyme destroys your organs and immune system. I wrote a book back in 2012 called, What’s the Big Deal About Lyme, and I read it last night for the first time being removed from it all. It only touched on the beginning of our journey and some pretty big stuff happened after.

Throughout it all though, our family has been incredibly blessed. Because of LymeLight, in addition to some other Godsent blessings, we have been able to not become consumed with the financial burden of Lyme treatments.

We have been fortunate to try different holistic methods with the kids that we never would have been able to try before! We also have been able to focus on wellness instead of sickness, and with the grant money have been able to purchase some terrific instruments for healing that we now use in our home, such as sauna, red light therapy, Ampcoil! We’ve adopted Wellness Codes, magnetic therapy and homeopathic treatments, all less invasive than the antibiotic treatments that made the kids sicker. My kids have been treated holistically, and they are thriving.

Thank you, LymeLight.

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