LymeLight Foundation Grant Recipient, SilasSilas – Healing Is Possible

On a good day Silas is a sweet loving boy who enjoys running around outside with his friends and family. Sadly he has not been able to do that due to having such great pain in his legs and feet. I used to think it was just growing pains, but the pains have gotten significantly worse. At night, the pain causes him the greatest distress and he would scream for hours on end. Not only is he exhausted, but the entire family is as well. When he was an infant he used to bang his head on the walls as if he was in pain and frustrated. It scared us to death but we did not know whom we could turn to for help. Silas threw up more than most babies and would get weird painful rashes on his skin. He would get sick often and had to be on antibiotics a few times for various ear infections. Of course, I heard that all of these things were “normal”.

After finally getting a Lyme diagnosis we started finding answers to these problems. Silas contracted Lyme in the womb, just like his sister Iris. Antibiotics did not seem to help Silas as much as boosting his immune system with natural supplements. We found out he has leaky gut syndrome and can no longer eat gluten or dairy. Eating these foods for two years prior to the diagnosis caused many cavities in his mouth and he has to undergo dental surgery because of his acid reflux. We have found colloidal silver by argentyn 23 to be very effective at killing off the bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections that have afflicted Silas. However it is very expensive, as are all the other natural supplements.

We have come to find one of the most painful side effects of this disease is how isolating it can be after you are labeled with “Lyme”. Doctors, friends and even family members did not believe the things we were telling them Lyme could do. You gradually start to lie about how you are really doing so you do not have to listen to the opinions such as, “Why are you going to those quack doctors, they obviously are just taking your money?” Once very connected relationships seem distant when you feel you can’t be your true self in fear of being judged. Reading other stories of hope brings me to tears, but it also makes me feel like my family is not alone. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. God will provide you with understanding and caring people, and with ways to help you to keep trying and believing you will not let Lyme win!

LymeLight has made it possible for us to continue Silas’s treatment plan and get the much-needed dental surgery. The gut and immune system take time to heal and also take a lot of money out of our pockets. We are forever grateful and blessed to have found the LymeLight Foundation. It is nice to be believed and understood by this foundation that gave support when we needed it most. They have made healing possible.

2017 Update:

Silas has come a long way and is working toward complete healing. He rarely gets leg pains anymore, and if he does I can trace them back to him accidentally eating something inflammatory, like gluten. He used to catch a cold so frequently and now I do not remember the last time Silas caught the common cold! His virus numbers are dropping and essential vitamin levels are going up. We are slowly putting together the pieces of the puzzle to complete healing. It is very important for him to still take supplements and keep up with maintaining good health. I thank God for guiding us to the LymeLight Foundation. We do not know how we would have gotten the help we truly needed without them. This journey we are on has made us complete believers in holistic/functional medicine, the power of prayer, and the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you so much to everyone at the LymeLight Foundation, and may God bless each and every one of you for the gracious hope you give to families.

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