Molly MurphyMolly – Walking on a Cloud

When I first held the letter that came in the mail I was stunned. I had to tell myself to trust my eyes. I wasn’t numb to emotion, but it didn’t truly sink in that your foundation had been so incredibly generous to me! I was grateful, joyful, nearly tearful and simply relieved. I remember sitting very quietly by myself and taking it all in. I felt a sense of calm, in spite of my growing state of excitement. For days afterwards I felt that I was walking on a cloud. It felt magical, and it felt like the answer to prayers. When the check came in the mail was when reality really hit me. I had treatment funds!

Since receiving the grant funds awarded to me, I’ve been able to make decisions about my health based not upon if I can afford them, but instead choosing the therapies I believe are most suited to my body and my needs.

I’ve been able to continue seeing a more experienced Lyme Literate Physician and follow the protocols that before the grant would have been unfeasible for my family to afford on our own. I use the funds monthly to afford the countless supplements, foods, and lifestyle items we feel will support my body in a gentle, but significant way. I was even able to finally install an Infrared Sauna in my home to increase my body’s abilities to detoxify as I continue treatment!

My doctors, my family and I have all been overwhelmed at the opportunities the grant has afforded me. I knew this would be a turning point for me in my treatment. Now that I’m beyond that corner I find myself looking back over the last year and smiling. I’ve got a long way to go still, but I know couldn’t have made it this far without the generous help from The LymeLight Foundation! My life changed forever the day the check arrived in the mail. I cannot thank you enough for what you have made possible for me.

Honestly, I know I can’t even begin to express the lengths of my gratitude, so I will simply end with – thank you.

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