Raising Hope for Families with Lyme

How to Host a Trivia Night

  1. Select a venue. The venue will typically have guidelines for catering that you can use to select what type of food and/or beverages you will offer.
  2. Hire a trivia host such as Challenge Entertainment. They may charge around $250 for the event and will run the entire trivia portion of the event with a host.
  3. Plan for a fun raffle such as heads or tails or pay-to-play. It’s a great way to raise money fast during an event.
  4. Consider inviting a speaker to share their Lyme story to connect your guests to the cause.
  5. Decide how much you will charge for tickets and start advertising for your event with family, friends, social media, and local businesses. Be sure to offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team awards. It is imperative to have a large first place prize (~$1,000) to attract people.
  6. Tickets sold through Eventbrite are a great way to cover the basic costs of the event but are not tax deductible. Consider asking for an additional donation (or part 2 of the ticket price) which would directly go to LymeLight Foundation and would be tax deductible. LymeLight Foundation can set up a specialized event link for donations. Also, consider setting up a Facebook page with a donate button directing funds to LymeLight.
  7. Consider a silent auction which can greatly add to the event’s success.
  8. Find local business to donate prizes, food, beverages etc. LymeLight Foundation can provide a tax receipt for these donations.
  9. Recruit hard working volunteers to help you plan and execute your event.
  10. Enjoy the fun and heart filled joy of giving back to LymeLight!

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