Ashley, Ron, Kaiya, and Jameson – Santa Barbara, CA

LymeLight Foundation Congenital Lyme Story for Kaiya and JamesonAshley was diagnosed in 2017 with Lyme when her children, Kaiya and Jameson, were 6 and not yet 2 years old. The kids had experienced symptoms of their own for years. Kaiya had a history of excruciating abdominal pain causing her to miss school, along with joint pain and rashes. Jameson had frequent colds and was a colicky baby. “My gut feeling was that something deeper was happening. I knew something was wrong,” Ashley wrote in her application. After viewing the documentary, Under Our Skin, Ashley and her husband felt it necessary to have the kids tested for Lyme in case they had contracted it in utero. Their tests both came back positive for Lyme.

Previously an RN and breadwinner of the family, Ashley’s Lyme disease left her unable to work and the family was living on one salary. They had overwhelming medical debt. They started an online donation fund, but a local fire broke out and devastated many of their neighbors’ and friends’ lives, thus impacting their network to fundraise. Soon after, Kaiya and Jameson’s father, Ron, was diagnosed with Lyme and now all four family members needed treatment. “We were disheartened and afraid for our future,” Ashley told LymeLight.

A LymeLight grant helped Kaiya’s family visit the LLMD and afford the supplements, prescription medications, and chiropractic visits necessary for Kaiya to feel significantly better after a year. She was able to return to school with good attendance and eat without spending the night curled up on the couch in pain. Since receiving treatment, Jameson is playing more and has found new energy he never had as a toddler.

“We are forever grateful to LymeLight Foundation for the kindness, generosity, and commitment to helping children with Lyme. It feels so good to know we are not alone in this,” said Ashley. “It is amazing to have a community that supports each other in such a beautiful way.”

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