Dart For Art 2018

March 16, 2018 - 6:30 pm

Even Larger Venue! Increased Seating, Reserved Tables, More Art and Excitement!

Dart for Art is not an auction and not your typical cocktail party. Here’s how it works; as guests arrive each couple or single will be assigned numbers which will be used for the “Dart”. Guests will stroll through the gallery enjoying cocktails and meeting the artists, and previewing the various works of art. After a brief introduction the fun will begin. The numbers will be randomly pulled. As your number is called you are invited to Dart for your favorite piece of art. Dart for Art is a wonderful opportunity to obtain original art and have a good time doing it, all while supporting LymeLight Foundation. Dart for Art is an evening filled with fun, energy, and excitement!

View the 2018 Dart for Art Catalog View Additional Artwork

NEW Live Auction & Raffle! Are You Ready?

  • Amo el Mar painting by Krytzia Dabdoub (Value: $5,000)
  • Site 78 painting donated by The Studio Shop and Martine Jardel (Value: $6,000)
  • Pear painting donated by Andra Norris Gallery and Stephen Namara (Value: $11,000)
  • A Special & Intimate Evening with Art, Architecture, Culinary Talents donated by Francis Mill and Hackett Mill (Value: Priceless)
  • Ultimate Art Meets Fashion – Girls Night Out with Designer Prabal Gurung donated by Sam Malouf Authentic Luxury and Prabal Gurung (Value: $20,000)
  • Raffle: 4 Days and Nights of Fun in the Sun at Stinson Beach donated by Chris and Wendy DeCenzo

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Dart for Art 2018
There are three ways to attend Dart for Art …


All Patron levels receive reserved seating, plus are invited to an exclusive Art Talk Cocktail party, on March 1st.
All Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Picasso donor are invited to be on the Host Committee.

Rembrandt $20,000 … 10 guests + 5 (exclusive first group darts prior to rounds) + Private Table
(Only 2 available) SOLD OUT
Michelangelo $10,000 … 8 guests + 4 (first round) darts + Private Table
(Only 6 available) SOLD OUT
Picasso $5,000 … 6 guests + 3 (second round) darts + Private Table SOLD OUT
Dali $2,500 … 4 guests + 2 (third round) darts + Private Table SOLD OUT
Chagall $1,250 … 4 guests + 2 darts + Premium Shared Table SOLD OUT
Monet $600 … 2 guests + 1 dart + Premium Shared Table SOLD OUT


Art Lovers Table $2,750 (whole table) … 10 guests + 5 darts + private table SOLD OUT
Art Lovers Table $550 (couples join a table) … 2 guests + 1 dart + private table SOLD OUT
Art Lovers Table $300 (singles join a table) … 1 guest + 1 dart + private table SOLD OUT
Couples Ticket $450 … 2 guests + 1 dart SOLD OUT
Singles Ticket $275 … 1 guest + 1 dart SOLD OUT
Unable to Attend … I would like to make a donation


Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Artists and Collectors!
Interested in donating a piece(s) of ART?

Learn How You Can Donate

How to Dart for Art

Browse the Art in Our Dart for Art Gallery

Browse the Art in Our Dart for Art Gallery

Eat, Drink and Mingle

Eat, Drink and Mingle

Get Ready to Dart!

Get Ready to Dart!

Claim Your Favorite Piece!

Claim Your Favorite Piece!

Take Your Piece Home!

Take Your Piece Home!

2018 Host Committee

Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Picasso Patrons

  • Steven and Patricia Barulich
  • Bay Area Lyme Foundation
  • Scott and Phyllis Bedford
  • Chris and Wendy DeCenzo
  • Ross and Denise Edwards
  • Jamie and Marritje Greene
  • Gordy and Khristine Holterman
  • Rupert and Maryellie Johnson
  • Roy Rogers
  • Rick and Chick Runkel

Picasso Sponsors $5,000

Dali Sponsors $2,500

Chagall $1,250

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