Amount Raised: $18,229

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How you can help? Support LymeLight Foundation and Jax with each step of her journey. Jax hopes to be a beacon of HOPE for all.


The 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus is a series of five 250k (155 mile) multi day foot races across the roughest terrain in the world within 1 calendar year. In 2016, the races will take place in Sri Lanka followed by races on the hottest (Namibia), windiest (Gobi March), driest (Atacama Crossing) and coldest (Antarctica) deserts in the world. Each race consists of 7 days out in the desert moving camp to camp each day. The race format starts with four stages (days) in a row with 22-28 miles per day. On day 5, racers run approximately 50 miles (known as the Long March) followed by a rest day. On the 7th day, athletes complete the 250k (155mile) journey with a 10k jaunt to the finish line.

During the race, athletes must be self-sufficient and carry everything that they need to survive on their backs. The only support given by the staff is hot and cold water, medical treatment, and a tent space to share with 9 other competitors. The race format is grueling and the terrain is undulating. Racers will walk away from an event such as this feeling super human.In the 13 years that the 4 Deserts race series has been in existence, there have only been 3 men to complete the Grand Slam Plus. Jax Mariash Koudele (representing USA and Canada and fundraising for LymeLight Foundation) will attempt to become one of the first females ever to do so. She will additionally attempt to become the female champion of all 5 races. Placing 2nd female in the Atacama Crossing stage in 2015 gives her confidence that she can achieve this goal.

Jax hopes that along the way she can showcase and share her passion for the outdoors and inspire others to get outside. As a child, the outdoors was her place of healing, fun and exploration. Jax is passionate about raising awareness and funds for the LymeLight Foundation. Jax wants children suffering with Lyme disease to get the treatment they need to heal and get back outdoors to experience the beauty of nature. The LymeLight Foundation is very special to her, as many close to her have been afflicted with Lyme disease. She has witnessed first hand the devastating effects the disease can cause.

Jax hopes to be a beacon of HOPE for all. How you can help?  Support LymeLight Foundation and Jax with each step of her journey.

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