Event Details

  • Event Date: November 19, 2019
  • Event Location: GoFundMe
  • Amount Raised: $5,877

On November 1st, 2017, Ava Gaskins woke up in debilitating pain. Pain that she had no idea would last two years. Ava was 14 years old and couldn’t get out of bed. Ava was shocked that Lyme disease research and treatment opportunities are terribly underfunded to the point where it took her a year to simply get diagnosed. She learned for many people it takes years and years and by that point, it can be past the point of treatment working. Luckily, Ava reached the remission stage! But for so many, this isn’t the case.

As Ava’s sixteenth birthday was approaching, she felt like she needed to give back to the people who were suffering from the same disease she had suffered from. Ava set up a GoFundMe and shared her story throughout social media and asked her loved ones to share the link. And before she knew it, hundreds of dollars were rolling in. It was the best birthday she could’ve asked for.

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