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  • Event Date: 2023 & Ongoing
  • Event Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Amount Raised: $3,600 (updated 4/25/24)

How can you help? Support
LymeLight Foundation with Linda & Olive.

Linda & Olive are a dynamic duo bringing smiles, comfort, lots of love (and maybe even a wet dog kiss) wherever they go! Linda’s journey to become involved with therapy dogs began 21 years ago when her father was receiving hospice care and they would send a “Friendly Visitor” to spend time with her dad. The huge difference this made for her dad during this difficult time made a positive impact on Linda’s life. From this experience Linda decided she wanted to give back to others as well . . . and she wanted to do that by having a therapy dog.

Linda has been working with her current therapy dog, Olive, who is a Leonberger, for 6 years. She began basic obedience training as a puppy. She went on to complete her certified therapy dog training at 1 ½ years old, and since then has been doing therapy visits. Together Linda & Olive are part of Hospice, First Responders, and Therapy Dogs International.

The incredible ways Linda & Olive help the community include:

  • Weekly visits to the cancer center to brighten the days for those undergoing treatment.
  • Participating in a Veterans Parade to raise awareness for suicide prevention.
  • Visits to Camp Arroyo to meet children with special needs attending summer camp.
  • Visiting the San Jose Girls Camp (where high school girls train to become firefighters) to be an outlet/relief from the intense training.
  • During the pandemic they made home visits to hospice patients by sitting outside with protective masks and gloves, providing comfort and much needed interaction during the lockdown.

The connection to LymeLight Foundation comes from Linda’s own first-hand experience with battling a chronic illness.  As a young child, Linda struggled with unexplained symptoms and misdiagnoses. It wasn’t until she was 18 years old, that she finally received a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. In her own words:

“Attending LymeLight Foundation events, I couldn’t hold back tears hearing the stories of children and young adults who LymeLight Foundation helps with treatment grants and Lyme resources. I have had my own health challenges. I was young when symptoms first appeared and it took years to be diagnosed. Not having resources to help was overwhelming for my family. Additionally, I have close family and friends who struggle with chronic illness. Their journey trying to find healing is complex, challenging and heartbreaking. Doctor prescribed protocols, medicine and treatments – many of which are denied by insurance companies – become an additional battle while fighting a chronic disease. So, thank you, LymeLight Foundation, for all that you do!”

Through her passion of providing her certified therapy dog to many different groups, Linda has authorized grant funding from her employer to be designated to LymeLight Foundation.

Join Linda & Olive in helping touch more lives with love (and dog kisses) by donating to this worthy cause!

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