Event Details

  • Event Date: September 28, 2019
  • Event Location: Dance Moves Maine, Portland, Maine
  • Amount Raised: $430

Katherine Ferreira hosted an adult dance class in the style of “heels.” Being a dance instructor, this was the most organic way for her to host a fundraiser benefitting LymeLight. LymeLight Foundation is near and dear to Katherine’s heart as they assisted her sister Elizabeth, who has suffered from chronic Lyme disease for years.  Elizabeth truly has no idea where she would be without the LymeLight treatment funding. She was able to pay her medical bills and the Foundation paved the way for her recovery. “LymeLight gave me my sister back and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than giving back to them,” Katherine explains.

Both a beginner class and advanced class were offered—no experience was necessary! Whether participants had danced for years or never stepped foot into a studio, all were welcome! Participants could wear whatever shoes they were comfortable in—6-inch heels, a little wedge, sneakers, anything! This event was about trying something new, working up a sweat, exuding confidence and most importantly raising funds for an amazing foundation!

Perhaps the most touching part of the day, Elizabeth was able to stand next to Katherine for both classes.  This fundraiser was a great time for the participants and they plan to have more upcoming events!

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