Event Date: Spring of Each Year
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Amount Raised to Date: $47,018

The Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority at Santa Clara University has chosen LymeLight as their beneficiary philanthropy for the past six years. They have raised over $47,000 in total. The Kappa Karnival is a fun filled day with carnival-like events and treats including popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy. The LymeLight Foundation is very close to the SCU Kappa’s hearts as one of their members suffers from Lyme disease.


$3,303 in 2012
$5,804 in 2013
$6,367 in 2014
$8,738 in 2015*
$4,171 in 2016
$5,884 in 2017
$3,743 in 2018

*Note: Due to a Matching Grant Opportunity provided by LymeLight Foundation, the actual 2015 amount was doubled to $17,476.

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