Event Details

  • Event Date: June 5, 2021
  • Event Location: New Jersey to New York
  • Amount Raised: $10,430

How you can help? Support LymeLight Foundation and Jeremy’s athletic adventure!

Jeremy Julio is back for another athletic adventure! We first met Jeremy when he completed a 4x4x48 running challenge inspired by former Navy Seal, David Gogins. This time Jeremy and a friend will attempt to complete a grueling 30-mile course on open water using a stand-up paddle board (SUP) from New Jersey to New York City.

This arduous paddle will begin at Oceanport Creek in the Shrewsbury River, head into Sandy Hook Bay, follow the dangerous Ambrose Shipping Channel, pass under the Verrazano Bridge, head up the Hudson River, and finally arrive at Lower Manhattan. During this 30-mile journey, Jeremy will experience everything from calm backwaters, extremely rough bay conditions, wind, currents, and dangerous shipping traffic.

A SUP challenge like this requires rigorous training and presents unique challenges. Jeremy must remain standing on his board for the duration of his paddle which is estimated to take 6 hours. Enduring the feeling of numbness in his feet is one aspect of Jeremy’s physical preparation. Two support boats will follow Jeremy and his friend to provide hydration, food, and aid as needed. They will use special SUPs that are 14-feet long and narrower than a traditional recreational SUP.

Jeremy and his twin, Jason, own Last Bite Mosquito and Tick Control and are in regular contact with people impacted by Lyme disease. Jeremy is taking on this endeavor to represent the challenges victims of Lyme disease deal with on a daily basis and hopes to affirm his dedication to spreading awareness and supporting the Lyme community.

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