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  • Event Date: October 13 – 26, 2018
  • Event Location: Lukla, Nepal
  • Amount Raised: $5,452
  • How can you help? Support Maya and LymeLight Foundation with each step of her climb!

  • (@lymeclimb, #lymeclimb, #18kfor18k)

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Maya along with her brother Ducky will embark on a trek to The Everest Base Camp (EBC) in October of 2018. The trek is an 8 to 9 day walk following an approximately 40 mile trail from the town of Lukla to the EBC, which is the first of many acclimatization stops en route to the summit of Mt. Everest. In total, it is an 80-mile round-trip venture. While the trek is not particularly long, it is the altitude gain that makes it a real challenge. From an altitude of 8,200 feet at Lukla, they will slowly ascend anywhere from 1,500 to 2,600 feet each day, to reach base camp at an altitude of 17,600 feet. Once there, they will climb Kala Pattar, a notable landmark located on the south ridge of Pumori that provides the most accessible close-up view of Everest, for a final altitude of 18,514 feet.

For Maya this trek is both an end and a beginning. This journey represents an end to illness, an end to a life with Lyme, a life with pain, sadness and isolation. It is also the beginning of a new life. After years of Lyme making her feel dead inside, this journey is her chosen challenge to wake up and be part of the world again. What better way to begin a new life than to be at the top of the world with her best friend and brother, Ducky, at her side.

As a Chronic Lyme sufferer Maya is all too familiar with the widespread fallout from this disease, including the financial toll it takes on families. From loss of income to the exorbitant costs of long-term treatment, not only do patients suffer the stress of the disease itself but also the additional burden of financial instability. Raising funds for the LymeLight Foundation will help ensure the needs of future Lyme affected families, and give their children the chance at a full recovery and the opportunity to lead normal, healthy lives.

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