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Event: Akenya Releases Decay
Release Date: May 2018, Lyme Awareness Month
Decay: Stream or Purchase

Grant Recipient Akenya is giving back to LymeLight Foundation and the Lyme Community. Two years after Lyme interrupted her music career, Akenya recently released “Decay”, a powerful song depicting her personal struggle with Lyme disease. Each time the song is streamed or purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to LymeLight Foundaton.  Akenya released her single during May Lyme Awareness month 2018 to raise awareness of chronic Lyme disease and help families heal and recover while battling Lyme.

“When I first began writing this song, I knew I wanted to create a visual experience for the listener – me, with my legs high, my spine tucked, my entire body twisted up, because that is what Lyme feels like. I also knew that as blunt and dark as some of these lyrics are, that I would create a sense of hope, because that is paramount to overcome any battle, especially one like chronic Lyme disease.

My main goal with this song is to take the invisibility out of this illness. I’m also appreciative that this beautiful song was able to come out of such a dark time for me. Even though I’m still battling this disease, I wouldn’t have been able to make the strides I have made thus far or even have the energy to release this music without the help and support of LymeLight Foundation.

The fact that they focus on helping children and young adults is so amazing to me, because we are the least able to advocate for ourselves and therefore the most vulnerable to the severity of Lyme and other chronic infections. I hope that by donating a percentage of the song’s proceeds from streams and sales to LymeLight, that I am able to give back to an organization that has already given me so much, and help another family on their healing journey. “

Follow Akenya in the press and on her website to watch this incredible young star continue to rise.

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