Angel Estrada – Co-Main Event Boxing Match

Event Details

  • Event Date: June 3, 2023
  • Event Location: Four Points Sheraton Hotel – San Diego, CA
  • Amount Raised: $450

How you can help?
Support LymeLight Foundation and Angel
by throwing a punch of your own!

$25 Jab | $50 Cross | $75 Hook | $100 Uppercut
$250-500 Combo Punches | $1,000+ Knock Out

Angel Estrada is a professional boxer that started boxing at the age of 7. He has had 146 amateur fights and is a 6-time national champion. He will be competing in San Diego on June 3rd, for another professional match and will be featured as the Co-Main Event. He has put in years of hard work and dedication to get to this high level of competitive boxing. He wants to use his platform of boxing to reach out to people and raise awareness for an issue he is passionate about advocating for: Lyme disease. 

His family knows the effects of Lyme disease firsthand as his sister has been battling this illness for 10 years. She was bitten by a tick during her last year of college, but it was not until 2 years later that she stared developing symptoms. Her symptoms were intense and began to dramatically change her life; and on top of the stress of dealing with this debilitating illness, her insurance denied her coverage for treatment. Over the years she has tried many different therapies often not covered by insurance, but she is slowly regaining her health. She was even able to go back to school and obtain her master’s degree in psychology and is starting her own business with holistic therapies so she can help others find health and healing.

Angel is proud of his sister’s recovery, but knows it is an ongoing journey to battle Lyme disease. Walking through this experience with her has opened his eyes to the desperate need for change and awareness so others don’t have to go through what his sister has had to endure. In Angel’s own words, “I would love to be part of the movement to bring awareness to Lyme disease. I have researched LymeLight Foundation and love what it stands for. I would love to help raise funds to help those in need to get the treatment they deserve.” 

Help Angel knock out Lyme disease by donating to LymeLight Foundation to provide grants to enable low-income children and young adults with Lyme disease receive proper treatment and medication as well as raising awareness about Lyme disease.

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