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How you can help? Support LymeLight Foundation and Snyper X!

Lyme disease has impacted my family a lot, my younger brother got it from camp, where we noticed the bullseye rash. My youngest brother didn’t find out till a lot later, there were no signs just out of nowhere his health started deteriorating. Luckily, him and my parents were able to find a doctor to help, (I can’t give his name because in Canada (as of this time) the doctor could lose his license). After a few treatments, he started doing a lot better than he was, but not 100%.

How I came across Lyme Light was through an old friend who got Lyme disease himself. He had asked some Twitch creators if they wanted to join him in raising money. So, I hit him up, I wanted to join in to spread awareness, to shine a light on Lyme disease. So, for one month I will be streaming @ twitch.tv/snyper_x_ to spread awareness, with a goal to raise $1000, a little ambitious maybe.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this!

Snyper X

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