Event Details

  • Event Date: May 2019
  • Event Location: Batavia, Ohio
  • Amount Raised: $900

Kamryn is a 12-year old dancer who has been fighting Lyme disease since she was 10. She was fortunate to find a Lyme-literate doctor quickly. Although Kamryn’s parents have managed the financial burden of the costly treatment that is not covered by their insurance, there was a time when her parents considered having Kamryn give up dance in order to pay for treatment. 

Kamryn’s dance teacher, Holly at Hollywood Dance Company, generously agreed to work closely with Kamryn’s parents to ensure they would not have to choose between dance and treatments. Kamryn suffers from dizziness, fatigue, pain, and struggles to concentration in school but has seen marked improvement in the last year. With her doctor’s support, Kamryn has been able to modify her dance practice and continue dancing. 

Kamryn realizes how lucky she is to have parents who can pay for treatment and a dance teacher who has been so generous with both her time and understanding. She understands there are a lot of children who aren’t as fortunate. With that in mind, Kamryn will be holding an online bake sale (local delivery only) for Lyme awareness month and will donate all money raised to LymeLight Foundation to help another child not have to make the choice between treatments and this/her passions.

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