Event Details

Event: Sophie’s May Lyme Awareness Bake Sale
Location: Reisterstown, Maryland
Event Date: May 19, 2018
Fundraising Goal: $400
Amount Raised: $600

Sophie's Bake SaleSophie is sixteen and has had Lyme disease for three years. In honor of May Lyme Awareness, she is hosting a Bake Sale on May 19th in Reisterstown, MD. As she explains, “Although it has been a struggle in many ways, I’m very fortunate that my family has been able to afford my treatment. I know that there are so many people in my position whose families are in need, and wouldn’t be able to get treatment without help.” Sophie wants the proceeds from the bake sale to go directly toward the treatment of other Lyme patients.

Sophie has created a Facebook page for the event and shared it on her personal Facebook as well as in her town’s local Facebook group. She designed a flyer that she will be putting up around her town. While Sophie wishes Lyme legislation would change so that these families could get the healthcare they need, and hopes that someday it will, for now says, “I will do what I can and rally my friends, family, and local community to raise money to help my fellow Lyme disease patients.”

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